Asheville's cozy cabin in the woods
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Traveling through 48 of our beautiful United States in our little camping van since retirement 10 years ago, has been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for us. Our travels have allowed us so many wonderful experiences and shown us beauty beyond our imaginations.
The Asheville area of North Carolina, and Black Mountain specifically, is the one place we keep returning to. During each trip back to Black Mountain we would find ourselves looking at real estate and longing to enjoy life there full time, but we have family that we cannot bring ourselves to leave, back in Kansas City.

When we found our little "Black Mountain Hideaway," we realized that by restoring this little gem we could have our home-away from home, and still keep our lives intact with family back home.

The restoration process and the cozy, peaceful atmosphere that we have created in our little hideaway has been so fulfilling that we've decided to share it with others when we cannot be there. We hope you will find the same peace and tranquillity that we experience when we spend time at our Black Mountain Hideaway.
We consider this our work in progress. We have so many ideas, particularly for the outdoor areas, that each time you return we hope you will notice and enjoy these improvements.


Part of the unique charm of our Black Mountain Hideaway is that it is decorated with the amazing talents of our local artists. The paintings, pottery, stained glass, and wood carvings that you will find around the cabin are all from North Carolina artisans, many from our lovely local Black Mountain shops. Please help us support our local artists. If you go to our blog you will find many recommendations of our favorites.
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney

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