Asheville's cozy cabin in the woods
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Black Mountain, NC
"The Front Porch of Western North Carolina"
A microcosm of Asheville, the historic town of Black Mountain is known for its many eclectic shops and restaurants, quaint bed and breakfasts, historic buildings, museums, and the Black Mountain Center for the Arts.

The town of Black Mountain was originally known as "Grey Eagle." The first recorded inhabitants of the area were the Cherokee. Some say the Grey Eagle rock formation, high above the North Fork valley, is the image of an Indian named Grey Eagle, who watched over the valley and kept it from harm.
The area's beauty, combined with the rich country side of the Smokies, is what intrigued the early settlers when they first ventured into the Great Smoky Mountains region. A road was built through the area in 1850 and a railroad followed in 1879. The coming of the railroad changed life in the area dramatically,  allowing for greater ease of commerce and the influx of tourists. People were drawn to the mountains to enjoy the mystical beauty and enchantment of the area, the cool crisp climate, and the sparkling waters of brooks and streams. Hiking, camping, and the tranquility of a woodland world provided escape from the city life. In 1893, the town of Black Mountain was founded and named for the "Black Mountain" mountain range that lies just north of the town.

That same enchantment can be experienced today. Guests are sure to love the town's historic streets and structures, amazing views, and numerous outdoor opportunities that hikers, cyclists, travelers, and yearly visitors come to love and enjoy. Visitors will find beautiful quaint shops and prosperous independent businesses that draw in the beauty and ambience of Black Mountain.

Once you connect to the creative energy, you may choose to never leave the quaint, romantic town of Black Mountain, for its charm has captivated many.
“Everyone is just in a whole different mode in Black Mountain.
You come up to a stop sign and they smile and motion you through.”

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